Nespresso VertuoLine Single Serve Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine Review 2022: Breville & De’Longhi K-Cup Pod Brewer

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Our Rating:


Build Quality
Brew Anatomy
Ease of Use
Brand & Warranty
Value for Money



Brew Type:

Drip + Single Cup

Cup Capacity:

1 Cup




  • Fast brewing time
  • Produces brewed coffee and espressos
  • Caters to five cup sizes
  • Easy clean-up process and maintenance
  • Turns off on its own if unused for 9 minutes


  • Coffee maker is not programmable 
  • Limited options for coffee capsules
  • Expensive Nespresso Vertuo capsules

The Breville Nespresso Vertuo is an automatic coffee machine that produces barista-grade coffee with its one-touch button design. It also serves espresso cups. 

It can brew five cup sizes, so you can have your desired amount of coffee. This Nespresso Vertuo machine comes with a removable water tank for a quick and spill-free refill. 

In addition, it only takes fifteen seconds for the coffee maker to heat-up, so expect your coffee to be ready almost immediately. The Nespresso Vertuoline machine turns off on its own when unused for nine minutes.

Let us learn more about this coffee maker in this Nespresso Vertuo review.

Design and Construction

The Breville Nespresso Vertuo sports a sleek design. It is made of durable plastic so it lasts for a long time. It is both futuristic and minimalistic, so you are getting the best of both worlds in one coffeemaker. 

In terms of aesthetics and reliability, the makers of Breville did an outstanding job. The coffee machine’s black exterior gives it a sleek and attractive appearance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


The Nespresso Vertuoline machine is a lot bigger than the Chulux Single Serve Coffee Maker, which is something to consider if you are tight on countertop space. However, this does mean it has more to offer than its counterpart. 

It stands at 19.2 inches tall, 11 inches wide, and 15.2 inches deep, which makes it one of the bigger coffee makers on the market. 

This Nespresso Vertuo machine is way heavier than Chulux Single Serve as it weighs 14.4 pounds. Although it is not incredibly heavy, you may need assistance when moving the machine due to its height and width. 


Nespresso by Breville Vertuoline is made of plastic that is sure to last a long time. Handle the machine with care and follow through with regular maintenance and its working life will be extended. 

The plastic material of Nespresso Vertuo coffee and espresso machine contributes to its lightness when considering its overall dimensions. It is taller and wider, after all, but not as heavy as it looks. 

Safety Features

The Nespresso Breville Vertuoline turns off on its own after nine minutes of being idle, which allows you to save on your monthly electric bills. 

If you are always on the go, its energy-saving feature comes as a huge relief to you as well since you no longer have to manually turn off the machine for times when you have to run off or forget to turn it off.

Accessories Included

Nespresso VertuoLine Single Serve Coffee Maker

When you purchase Nespresso by Breville Vertuoline, you are getting more than the machine itself. The makers at Breville want to make your life easier and included a welcome kit that is created for the Nespresso Vertuo series. The kit comes with 12 single-serve capsules, each having its own unique aroma.

These are incredibly aromatic and are known for their smooth blends as indicated by many Nespresso Vertuoline reviews online. Breville’s coffee capsules will enhance your coffee experience tenfold. 

Brew Time

The Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine has one of the fastest heat-up times on Breville’s line of coffee makers as it only takes 15 seconds for the unit to get going. You do not have to wait for long for your cup of Joe to be ready. This makes it perfect for busy mornings. 

Brew Quality

Espresso Coffee

When it comes to producing quality brew, the Breville Nespresso Vertuo is top-notch as it delivers barista-grade beverage at the touch of a button. It gives you a coffee experience worth reliving every morning. 

It brews coffee in a short amount of time without sacrificing quality. This also comes with Aeroccino milk frother, so you can have the perfect serving of cappuccinos and lattes. The coffee maker gives you an unparalleled brew quality and experience at the same time.

If you love drinking cold beverages, pour ice over your drink to beat the heat with your favorite latte and coffee drinks. This coffeemaker makes all these concoctions possible to create from one machine.

Ease of Use

If you are wondering how to use a Nespresso Vertuoline machine (1), it only takes a minute or two to figure out how to operate the coffee maker. 

All you need to do is the following steps:

  • Fill-up the water reservoir 
  • Press ON button 
  • Wait for 15 seconds as the machine heats up
  • Pop in your preferred Nespresso Vertuo capsules
  • Press ON Button
  • Enjoy your cup of Joe!

The Nespresso Vertuoline machine is super easy to use, which makes it perfect for both beginners and advanced users. If you love to drink brewed coffee or Espresso, this coffeemaker delivers both and more. 


The Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and espresso machine follows a straightforward clean-up procedure (2) so it does not eat up much of your time. 

For the coffee maker’s body, you can simply wipe the machine with the use of a microfiber cloth. This keeps the machine in tiptop condition and maintains its sleekness. 

It is recommended to clean the unit regularly, which will only take a few minutes out of your time. Aside from daily cleaning, you have to descale your coffee maker once every three months.

Brand & Customer Service

Breville is known to be a world leader in kitchen appliances because of its innovative product lines and clean reputation in the industry. While they have sold over a million coffee makers, they also sell ovens, cookers, and tea makers.

They have been in business for decades, but their focus is not only on improving their appliances but also in customer service. Their front liners are professionals, well-educated, and friendly. Breville provides regular training for its customer representative in hopes of providing an unparalleled customer service experience for their clients. 

Customer inquiries are responded within the day, you can reach them on their official social media accounts, e-mail, or via voice call for faster transactions.

Value for Money

If there is anything we can take from this Nespresso Vertuo review, it is that the Breville Nespresso Vertuo is worth the investment. It does not only produce a quality cup of brewed coffee, but it delivers quality espresso tastes as well. Together with the Aeroccino milk frother, it is safe to say you are getting more than what you have paid for. 

Aside from the useful Aeroccino milk frother, you are also given 12 coffee capsules with unique aromas, so you can explore and experience the best of gourmet blends at a reasonable price. These coffee capsules are meticulously roasted by Breville’s coffee experts to bring out the best of flavors. 


While it is definitely an investment worth keeping for a long period of time, Nespresso Breville Vertuoline does have its drawbacks:

  • Only works with Nespresso Vertuo coffee capsules
  • The warranty period varies if the product is for household or business use (3)

Who Should Buy this Coffee Maker? 

The Nespresso Vertuoline machine is perfect for anyone who loves drinking brewed coffee and espressos as it gives you the best experience in both aspects. 

If you are a busy bee who is always running from one place to another, the machine’s 15-second heat-up time and fast brewing time allows you to maximize your time. 

This is a one-button operation coffee maker, so for caffeine lovers who do not want to deal with the bells and whistles the fancier coffee makers do, this is worth the purchase. 

What’s even better is that you get 12 Nespresso coffee capsules on your first buy. You get to experience quality blends right out of the box.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Nespresso Vertuo machine deserves a 4.2 out of 5 stars for its rating. This is a perfect example of a two-in-one appliance that produces quality coffee and espresso at an affordable price. 

While it is true that it does have a limited warranty period, it has proven time and time again that it can last for a very long time with proper handling. The included welcome set coffee capsules makes the coffee maker a practical purchase for coffee drinkers all across the globe.

The plastic construction does not easily scratch, it is super easy to use, it produces quality coffee, and it has a fast brew speed. This coffee maker has covered all of the bases perfectly.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Maker Video Review

Our Rating:

Our Rating:



Nespresso Vertuo Single Serve Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine Specifications
Brand Breville
Model BNV250BLK1BUC1 Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine
Material Plastic
Brew Type Drip + Single Cup
Cup Capacity 1 Cup
Programmable Timer? Yes
Warranty 12 months (business use), 24 months (household use)
Price $

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