BUNN HB Velocity Brew 10 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Review 2022

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Build Quality
Brew Anatomy
Ease of Use
Brand & Warranty
Value for Money



Brew Type:

Drip Coffee Maker

Cup Capacity:

10 Cups




  • SCA certified coffee maker
  • Digital programmable clock
  • Brews 10 cups of coffee
  • Drip-free glass carafe


  • Plastic smell in the first few brews
  • Non-thermal carafe design
  • No pause and pour feature

The BUNN programmable coffee maker heats the water to the ideal brewing temperature of 200 F for a quality cup of Joe every time. It makes 10 cups of coffee in ten minutes. You can preset a morning start time, so you can wake up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee.

The unit comes with an auto warmer plate that activates when brewing, and it turns off after two hours. The drip-free glass carafe gives you the cleanest pour in the BUNN coffee maker product line. 

Design and Construction

The BUNN 10 cup programmable coffeemaker sports a futuristic design, making it the perfect appliance for modern kitchens. Its frame is a mixture of stainless steel and black plastic. BUNN’s designers did an outstanding job of creating a unique-looking unit at an affordable price range. 

Despite having plastic parts, the BUNN HB is not the most fragile unit. It has many years to its name and it is backed by a premium 3-year warranty.


The BUNN programmable coffee maker is definitely taller than the average coffee maker. In fact, it is two inches taller than Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee Maker, which is already a considerably tall appliance. The BUNN HB Heat N Brew Programmable Coffee Maker is 16.3 inches tall, 8.7 inches wide, and 9.7 inches in length. 

Due to its towering height, make sure it is placed in an area where you can freely open the lid of the machine without obstructions. 

The BUNN heat and brew coffee maker is lighter than the Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee Maker as it only weighs at 8.5 lbs, making it one of the lightest coffee makers on the market, while the DCC-3000 is heavier at 11.40 pounds.


The BUNN HB is made out of steel and plastic parts that combine to create a futuristic appearance. It is not only a useful appliance to have in your kitchen, but it also sits beautifully on your countertop, making a good conversation starter for guests.

It is durable, even with plastic components. However, it is recommended that you take extra care in handling when you move it from one place to another. BUNN gives you a 3-year warranty on the machine. 

Safety Features

The coffee maker comes with a drip-free glass carafe design, which minimizes clean-up for spills and leaks, which makes it super convenient for you. The carafe design looks incredibly stylish, making it look good on any tabletop. 

In addition, the BUNN heat and brew coffee maker has a warmer plate that turns off on its own after two hours. This gives enough time to keep the coffee warm for your consumption while giving you an economical advantage in your electric bill.

Accessories Included

The BUNN 10 cup programmable coffeemaker includes a drip-free carafe, it saves you from cleaning after spills and leakages when pouring. BUNN did an amazing job with its shatter-resistant carafe design. It has a modern style that makes it appealing to the eyes, too. 

Another thing you can see on BUNN coffee maker reviews online is how everyone loves its useful auto warmer plate. It automatically turns on as the unit brews and turns off on its own after two hours, which is enough to keep your coffee warm during your morning work.

Brew Time 

The BUNN heat n brew coffee maker model HB has an average brew time, it is definitely not the fastest BUNN coffee maker in the market, but it gets the job done.

It takes six minutes to heat the water and four minutes to brew a full pot of coffee. In total, it needs ten minutes to complete one brew cycle. It is a far cry from the Speed Brew and Velocity Brew, which only takes 3 to 4 minutes for one cycle.

Preset a morning start time to wake-up to a pot full of freshly brewed coffee, so you can have a cup of quality coffee at your desired hours.

Brew Quality

In the BUNN coffee maker reviews online, people are expressing their love for the unit’s brew quality — it is one of the best in the market. It uses the same professional standard that made BUNN the go-to choice for coffee equipment in America. 

The appliance heats the water to 200 degrees, which is the ideal temperature to make quality coffee (1), providing you with rich-flavored coffee every morning.

You can use reusable filters or a permanent filter if you want to ensure clean-tasting coffee in every brew.

Ease of Use

The BUNN 10 cup programmable coffeemaker comes with the proprietary lid and spout that ensures the cleanest pour. The spout arcs the coffee from the carafe to your cup and then wicks back the rest. The result is a drip-free carafe in every sense of the word.

To use the appliance when making coffee, just pour cold water into the reservoir, press the brew button, and wait for ten minutes for your pot of coffee. 

It has a programmable morning start time where you can schedule the coffee maker in advance to brew coffee anytime in the morning. This jumpstarts your day with a cup of quality coffee from BUNN HB. 


You can see a lot of BUNN coffee maker reviews on the internet that praise the appliance’s easy clean-up process. After use, you simply rinse and dry the basket, do the same with the carafe, and wipe the reservoir tank clean. All in all, this only takes a minute to clean, which is a real timesaver if you are always on-the-go. 

It also helps that the appliance has a drip-free carafe, you will not waste time cleaning spills and leaks, which is a major concern for other coffee makers within the same price range.

Brand & Customer Service 

BUNN is known for its long line of high-quality equipment sold at an affordable price range, the company has been innovating kitchen appliances for decades, and everyone loves them. The organization takes customer and employee safety seriously (2) because of their commitment to quality.

Their staff members uphold the company’s core values (3) by heart, these are honesty, integrity, and courtesy. BUNN is quick to respond to client calls, concerns and inquiries are responded to within the 24-hour mark, they have one of the most hands-on staff in the kitchen appliance business.

BUNN offers a premium 3-year warranty on BUNN HB Heat N Brew Programmable Coffee Maker, which gives you a nudge of reassurance. 

Value for Money

The BUNN HB is definitely worth every penny because of its easy-to-use design and quality build, it is a practical purchase for anyone who loves to brew quality coffee. 

It does not have all the bells and whistles, which makes it a straightforward coffee maker that produces rich-flavored coffee in every use. It has a decent brew time and an automatic warmer plate to keep your coffee warm for two hours. 

What makes this a steal is its drip-free carafe, making it super convenient when hurriedly filling 10 cups of coffee. You would not have to clean-up coffee spills on your countertop. 


This does not have a pause-and-pour feature. This means you have to wait for the brewing cycle to finish before you can drink a cup of coffee. It is not a major problem, but the feature sure comes in handy when you are in a rush.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that it does not have a bloom stage, meaning it cannot de-gas freshly ground coffee to produce a richer cup of Joe. This can be a bit disappointing for coffee drinkers who want a more flavorful coffee to start their day.

Who Should Buy this Coffee Maker? 

BUNN HB Heat N Brew Programmable Coffee Maker us for coffee lovers who are looking for a more straightforward coffee machine that gets the job done. It is perfect for anyone who wants quality coffee in a press of a button without any bells and whistles.

Its drip-free carafe is the perfect partner for coffee drinkers who frequently spill coffee when pouring, this is a mess-free solution that saves a lot of clean-up time.

The programmable feature makes the coffee machine more personalized, it is a big help for people who just want to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. You can set the time of your choosing, so you can have a drink as soon as you step foot onto your kitchen floor.

Final Verdict

The BUNN heat n brew coffee maker model HB is a solid 4.2 out of 5 stars, the initial smell of plastic chipped off the total rating. However, the plastic smell does go away on its own after three or more times of usage.

The coffee maker could use a bit more useful features, but it does not change the fact it serves quality coffee. It is an affordable coffee machine this has something that other BUNN coffee machines lack: digital clock and display.

While it does mainly have a plastic build, BUNN gives you a 3-year premium warranty for reassurance and guarantee. 

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Our Rating:

Our Rating:



BUNN HB Velocity Brew 10 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Specifications
Brand BUNN
Model HB
Material Plastic
Brew Type Drip Coffee Maker
Cup Capacity 10 Cups
Warranty 36 Months
Price $

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