BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10 Cup Home Coffee Maker Review 2022

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Our Rating:


Build Quality
Brew Anatomy
Ease of Use
Brand & Warranty
Value for Money



Brew Type:

Automatic Drip

Cup Capacity:

10 Cups




  • Brews 10 cups in 3 minutes
  • Very easy to use
  • 3-year warranty
  • Balanced brewing quality
  • Relatively cheap purchase cost
  • Drip-free carafe


  • Tends to leak after long-term use
  • Not programmable
  • A bit costly to maintain and operate

There are people on earth who consider coffee-drinking as a cherished lifestyle – one that usually demands a great deal of time and privacy in order to heighten the experience of savoring every sip. Unfortunately, the average working person cannot always afford such luxury in terms of time. Hence, quality brewed coffee needs to be quick and on the double.

The BUNN Velocity Brew makes a strong impression with its practical performance. Still, it is worth exploring if it is a worthy purchase based on functionality and looks. 

Design and Construction

In terms of the overall design, this coffee maker naturally bears a close resemblance to the BUNN NHS and other models from the brand. One notable similarity is the singular button on the upper facade glaring like a red-eyed cyclops straight out of a dystopian science fiction film.

While some people might describe its cousin models as unattractive, perhaps many would also consider the BUNN Velocity coffee maker as ‘slightly plainer.’ At least the BUNN NHS Velocity or the BUNN Speed have smooth round-sided brewer cases. This one has a rigid cubic head. 

Perhaps certain individuals with a strong penchant for vintage dispensers would consider this a unique aesthetic touch. Otherwise, fewer would take a second glance when displayed alongside the posh Keurig 2-Way K-Duo or the classy Ninja Hot & Cold Brew. 

Then again, you do not always buy something based on looks alone. 


The BUNN Velocity Brew towers up to 14.8 inches high, with its sides measuring 7 x 13.8 square inches. You may require considerable vertical space in order to set this thing properly in your kitchen. It only weighs 3.4 kilograms, which seems too light for a machine that looks quite imposing.


Clearly, aesthetics have little (if not absolutely nothing) to do with the overall design of this BUNN Velocity coffee maker model. Hence, it is only logical to assume that every detail behind its construction is driven by practical purpose. This machine is an excellent combination of stainless steel and plastic – ensuring that only the best quality coffee is extracted and served to each of the 10 cups.

Safety Features

This coffee maker has a simple construction, and this simplicity (to most people) would mean there are lesser reasons to get injured due to mishandling complex operating protocols. However, it is not without its fundamental inherent dangers like touching the hot surface of the carafe or leaving the machine plugged for three days straight.

Just like the BUNN NHS Velocity, it is crucial that you complete the initial steps of preparation for brewing before plugging the cord into the electrical outlet. Doing so will prevent serious malfunction [1]. 

Accessories Included

The same simple design and construction also go to every main component comprising the entire item. It does not entail a treasure trove of extra features like the Ninja Hot & Cold Brew that even throws in two manuals.

Everything that makes up the label of BUNN Velocity coffee maker comes down to the coffee maker itself and the carafe, with the latter doing wonders that deem it arguably peerless by comparison. In fact, the BUNN brand is keen about boasting its carafe’s no spillage ‘perfect arc’ when pouring the coffee into each of the 10 cups.   

Brew Time

One of the greatest perks of choosing the BUNN Velocity Brew is that it considers your time just as equally important as the quality of beverage it is serving you. Unlike most coffee makers with detachable polymer reservoir, it has a stainless steel water tank with its own thermostat. 

With metal as an excellent heat conductor, it comes to no surprise that it generates up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit in merely 3 to 4 minutes. Apart from the namesake ‘velocity’ brew time, it is also capable of retaining this ideal temperature at a comparatively long duration. The porcelain-encased warmer plate does a fine job of ensuring this climate retention. This brings us further to the next topic: quality.   

Brew Quality

As mentioned earlier, the time it takes to heat the water and the duration to keep that ideal temperature helped define the superior brew quality of this coffee maker. But the brewing and warming times are just part of a formula that makes a Cup of Joe from this machine a simple luxury worth savoring. 

The relatively large funnel and filter are two other important factors that ensure the BUNN GRB coffee maker is capable of brewing excellent quality coffee are due to. Just like the BUNN NHS Velocity, this machine takes advantage of the multi-stream spray head’s ability to balance the water volume inside the brewer. The wide interior further intensifies the interaction between the hot water and the ground coffee during the brewing process.

The multi-stream spray head ensures overall balance in terms of the coffee’s quality by equally distributing high-concentrated brew into a single unified outflow.

Ease of Use

The BUNN Velocity Brew 10 Cup coffee brewer only has two buttons: the warmer switch and vacation switch. This fact pretty much explains how direct and straightforward this machine is for anybody. This coffee maker is easy to use in the sense that it totally removes the need for programming everything manually.

Since this machine’s reservoir remains fixed, measuring the amount of water can be tricky if you are not fond of reading the manual. There are a few people who may consider this a disadvantage they cannot easily shake off. This is because detachable reservoirs usually have a discernible volume meter to gauge more precisely while you are filling it from the taps.  


As long as you are putting the important accessories on the top rack of the dishwasher, you will not have any serious problems cleaning it with ease. Anyone who is accustomed to using and maintaining coffee makers would find that this machine is not so different in terms of the basics of doing things right. 

Do not forget to maintain the coffee maker’s spray head regularly every 2 to 4 weeks. Deep cleaning will have to be performed at least every three months since that is just about the total duration for water’s mineral content to build up.   

Brand & Customer Service

As far as popular history is concerned, this brand seems to make the most visible appearance during the 1950s. But what most people did not know is that the company as we know it is an offshoot of the Bunn Capitol Wholesale Grocery Company established in the year 1840 in Springfield, Illinois (USA). In fact, this commercial enterprise was once frequented by the great Abraham Lincoln himself [2]. 

One can hardly question the integrity of a business organization that withstood nearly two centuries of social and economic weathering. They still remain as one of the leading distributors of beverage dispensers and equipment in the country and worldwide. 

Value for Money

Similar to all other BUNN coffee makers, this product comes with a three-year service contract (3). It is almost impossible to find products that offer the same generous warranty period. However, this is not the sole advantage this coffee maker has over its competitor brands. 

In fact, it even competes with other models within the trademark. Unlike the BUNN NHS Velocity, this coffee maker is extremely cheap by comparison. In fact, you can buy three units of these for the price of a single NHS Velocity model at the Amazon retail store. 


Many people might be inclined to think that a machine governed by simple design proved to be a great advantage. After all, you would not have to struggle with the complexity of its use if it is so. However, this simplicity may also prove to be a disadvantage by itself as far as other people are concerned. After all, there is hardly any room for programming or customization with merely two basic buttons.

Other than aesthetics and versatility, many previous users of this item have expressed that this coffee maker is prone to leaking after a few years of constant use. 

Lastly, this machine can be a bit inefficient if you have to calculate the cost (in terms of electricity bill) it takes to keep the water inside the reservoir and the carafe at an optimal temperature. 

Who Should Buy this Coffee Maker? 

This coffee maker is ideal for anyone who needs and prefers a fast-paced, no-nonsense brewing procedure. It can be a practical choice for anyone who is always in a hurry to fuel their nerves before starting their mind-boggling tasks. In fact, it can be suitable for anyone as long as he or she has the wits and the patience to tinker before turning on a machine.

While the BUNN Velocity Brew is often classified for domestic use, it proves to be more conducive for a relatively populated and busy environment. The best setting for this would be an office or any workplace that operates 8 hours a day. After all, you cannot expect it to be at its tip-top shape in two to three years if it is constantly used by more than a dozen people in a room that operates 24/7 (e.g. hospital or diner)

Final Verdict

For this particular BUNN GRB review, I am giving it a 4.2/5 rating. As long as you can overlook its boring design and you are taking advantage of all its practical benefits, this coffee maker proves to be an ideal investment. After all, being able to serve 10 cups in a matter of 3 to 4 minutes is by itself a wonder to behold.

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Our Rating:

Our Rating:



BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10 Cup Home Coffee Maker Specifications
Brand BUNN
Model GRB
Material Stainless Steel & Plastic
Brew Type Automatic drip
Cup Capacity 10 Cups
Warranty 3 Years
Price $

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