BUNN BT Velocity Brewer Review 2022: 10 Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

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Stainless Steel

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12 Cups




  • Fast brewing time – 10 cups in four minutes
  • Holds 20 cups (100 ounces) of water in its tank 
  • Vacation switch for energy efficiency
  • Insulated carafe keeps coffee hot for 2 hours


  • Takes up too much space on the countertop
  • Strong, plastic smell in the first few weeks of use
  • Machine leaks when used with a ten-cup filter paper

The BUNN BT Velocity Brewer is the best BUNN coffee maker because of its impressive functionalities that include a fast-brewing time of 10 cups in 4 minutes. 

Its spray head is specially crafted for flavor extraction, giving you a rich cup of coffee every time you use it. The insulated carafe keeps your coffee hot for two hours and retains water at 200 degrees consistently, thanks to its 800W heater. 

In this Bunn BT Velocity review, let’s find out if this appliance is a worthy investment. 

Design and Construction 

Despite the fact that the BT model is intentionally marketed as the thermal carafe version of BUNN’s BX/GRB line-up, the design stands on its own, sporting a more angular appearance.

Bunn BT Velocity brewer follows a modest look. It certainly does not stand out, but the stainless steel design complements the black color well, which visually fits in most kitchen styles. 


The best Bunn coffee maker is large, standing at 15 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and 13 inches deep. This is a far cry from a compact coffee maker you normally find in small apartments. It does have almost the same height as the Capresso MT600 and Melitta 10-Cup Thermal, but the Bunn velocity coffee maker carries an incredibly oblong shape.

If your kitchen top lacks the real estate, this coffeemaker may not fit. Thus, the need to consider the product dimension before buying it. 


Its body is made mostly of lightweight plastic, with just the water tank and carafe made of brushed-metallic highlights. This gives the BUNN BT Velocity Brewer a toy-like aesthetics, especially because its top half is made of plastic. 

The large water tank situated at the back consistently brews at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. As mentioned earlier, this has a vacuum-insulated stainless thermal carafe, which keeps your coffee hot up to two hours.

Safety Features

The BUNN BT features a “Vacation” switch, which is basically the ON button that automatically turns off all of the electrical mechanisms when unused for over 72 hours. This keeps the appliance from getting fried and ensures cost-efficiency. 

Accessories Include

Most BUNN coffee maker reviews state how its stainless-steel water tank delivers enough capacity to fill the cups of guests and coworkers, holding double the amount than other brands provide. It can deliver two thermal carafes in comparison, filling up to twenty coffee cups (100 ounces).

The machine comes with a uniquely designed spray head to enhance flavor extraction for coffee. It also produces a rich, smooth, and, as some say, chocolatey texture. Hot water is readily available as well for times when you fancy a cup of tea.

It does not come with a coffee warmer plate, but this isn’t a major concern as the BUNN BT velocity brew appliance delivers an insulated carafe to keep your coffee hot for two hours max.

Brew Time 

One of the selling points of the Bunn velocity coffee maker is its fast brew time, serving you 4-10 cups of coffee in 4 minutes. The BT Velocity Brewer begins cocked, locked, and all set for swift coffee-brewing action. Simply close the coffee maker’s lid to start brewing your morning’s cup of Joe.

Brew Quality

The BUNN coffee maker reviews online consistently state how BT Velocity unfailingly produces good-flavored coffee and this proves to be the truth. It delivers an evenly flavored cup of Joe each time, thanks to its specially designed spray head. The texture and flavor of the brew remain the same for two hours as well.

On your first time using the machine, you may notice a strong, plastic scent when brewing coffee. Do not be alarmed, it will not affect the overall brew quality. The smell dissipates after a few weeks of regular usage.

Ease of Use

To use the BUNN BT Velocity Brew machine, you must first fill the water tank to your desired amount. It has a capacity of two full carafes at 10 cups each for a total of 20 cups. 

Since the tank is non-removable, use the carafe to fill it up. When filled, the entire device will weigh 10 lbs. 

Add the coffee grounds on the designated reservoir and then toggle the “Vacation” switch. Then, wait for the drip coffee machine to work its magic. 

Featured Box: Use a twelve-cup filter paper to avoid machine leakage often experienced with a ten-cup filter paper.

Take note that the BT Velocity Brewer does not come with timer features.


You need to clean the BUNN BT velocity brew 10 cup thermal coffee brewer at least once every three months. This means it is not much of a hassle to maintain. Moreover, regular maintenance ensures optimal brewing for many months to come.

Follow these steps to cleanse the internet system of your BT Velocity Brew:

  • Slide empty brew funnel into the brewer
  • Put unfilled carafe on the machine’s base plate
  • Measure 4 cups of vinegar
  • Open the lid and pour the vinegar into the brewer
  • Close the lid
  • Empty the carafe as soon as liquid stops flowing from the funnel
  • Turn off the vacation switch and unplug the machine
  • Let the vinegar sit for 2 hours
  • Rinse with water until you no longer smell the vinegar

Brand & Customer Service

BUNN has gone a long from being a coffee-focused company to selling a variety of dispensed beverage equipment globally. The brand is known for its innovative beverage commercial solutions (1), such as coffee brewers and ice tea machines.

They are known for their reliable beverage equipment product line that started in 1957, and BUNN remains as one of the best brands for water quality systems and liquid coffee dispensers.

Check out their customer service page (2) for contact information of Commercial Orders, Equipment Tech Services, BUNNserve Pro and Espresso support hotline.

The coffee machines come with a 3-year limited warranty, which speaks about the company’s commitment to quality. BUNN’s management system is ISO 9001:2015 registered.

Value for Money

This is definitely worth the purchase. The BUNN BT Velocity Brew reviews you find online were not kidding when they say you are getting your money’s worth. What makes BT Velocity stand out among its competitors is its capacity to brew ten cups of coffee in four minutes. While it does have an unusual design, it makes a good conversation starter for guests.

Not only are you paying for a coffee maker that comes with a capacity to brew 20 cups of coffee in one go, but you are working with a reputable brand in the industry.

Bunn is particularly known for quality and service, add that to the list of things that make BT Velocity worth the price and you have a new best-friend to perk you up in the mornings.


BT Velocity Brewer has its own fair share of downsides. 

One that predominantly stands out is the strong, plastic smell the first few times you use the appliance after unboxing. The scent is quite disturbing and while it’s non-toxic, it certainly isn’t a stimulating aroma you want to go with your cup of Joe. 

It roughly takes about 6 weeks for the smell to diminish after regular use, so if you don’t mind waiting for a few weeks, then it won’t be much of a bother you.

The Velocity Brewer tends to leak when you’re brewing a full pot, but this can be easily avoided by using twelve-cup filters instead of ten.

The machine does not hold any programmable features. However, it is simple enough to use by anyone who spends enough time to understand the basic operations.

Another minor thing is that it does not have a special measuring scoop that goes with the product, BUNN does state in the manual to use 1-2 tablespoons of drip grind a cup. 

Who Should Buy This Coffee Maker?

This is ideal for anyone who needs a huge dose of coffee quickly at any time of the day. There is enough coffee for 2 or more people in just 4 minutes of brewing time. 

Without the programmable features that other coffee machines have, the operation is pretty basic and straightforward. This makes it suitable for beginners. 

The BUNN BT Velocity is the perfect machine for anyone who is after speed more than anything. It is for people who live with other coffee fanatics because of its fast brew time and large coffee capacity.

Final Verdict

In this BUNN BT Velocity Brew review, I give it a score of 3 out of 5 primarily due to its plastic components. This made the appliance look less impressive and high-end. 

It also takes up a good amount of countertop space.  

BUNN did an incredible job in creating their fastest coffee brewer at a reasonable price range. It brews fast and keeps the coffee hot for an extended time. It may not be the prettiest appliance on your kitchen top, but it is certainly the most useful.

The coffee maker machine comes with a 3-year warranty, which gives you a nudge of reassurance in the longevity department. While it does have its drawbacks, the good outweighs the bad if you are after for speed, taste, and quantity.

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Our Rating:

Our Rating:



BUNN BT Velocity Brewer Specifications
Brand BUNN
Model BT Velocity
Material Stainless steel
Brew Type Drip coffee maker
Cup Capacity 20 Cups
Warranty 36 Months
Price $

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  2. https://commercial.bunn.com/support
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