Braun Brewsense KF7170SI Drip 12 Cup Coffee Maker Review 2022

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Build Quality
Brew Anatomy
Ease of Use
Brand & Warranty
Value for Money


Stainless Steel

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Bold & Regular

Cup Capacity:

12 Cups




  • Elegant symmetrical design
  • Airtight carafe lid seals in the flavor
  • Superior water quality
  • Programmable and safe to use
  • Generous 3-year warranty


  • Subpar brew temperature
  • Relatively slow brew time
  • Difficult to access reservoir

Featuring a sleek stainless-steel design, the Braun Brewsense KF7170SI Drip 12 Cup Coffee Maker is a compact and efficient brewer from an esteemed and trusted brand. Set with modern features, this affordable coffee maker goes through a detailed review that realistically explores both strengths and manageable flaws.

There is no doubt that the Braun KF7170 is one of the most captivating coffee makers you would see in the kitchen appliances market. Let us discover further how well it fairs in the face of rigid objective scrutiny. From its utilitarian design to its practical usage, we will find out whether or not this product is worthy of your attention.

Design and Construction

A good number of Braun coffee maker reviews that surfaced online are keen on describing this model’s overall design as anything but ordinary. True enough, this machine is a fitting example of the phrase ‘beauty of efficiency.’ Judging from its simple no-frills cubic shape, this coffee maker exudes the impression of being highly functional.

Unlike the Ninja brand coffee makers, this model comes with a ‘friendlier’ face. And while it may not have the smooth edges of the Keurig models, this coffee maker still has that similar minimalist design that makes it a worthy device that blends in well with the interior design of futuristic kitchens.   


This coffee maker stays true to its efficient design even in terms of size. In fact, this machine measures 14.2 inches in height with a body density spanning 7.9 square inches. It is almost completely rare for anyone to find a coffee maker where both front and sides have the same exact measurement. Anyone with a fierce pet peeve for poor symmetry might consider this machine an epitome of their perfectionist standards.

The Braun Brewsense KF7170 weighs approximately 7.4 pounds. It is fair to say that there are plenty of more light-weight coffee makers around. If you are particularly worried about how heavy a kitchen device is, it would be easy to overlook this model among the other options available. 


This coffee maker is predominantly made of stainless steel, which pretty much makes sense if you are wondering why it is relatively heavier than the ordinary machines of its kind. As mentioned earlier, this kitchen device seems to earn its right to boast of its appearance. A huge part of its aesthetic appeal comes from the fact that its overall exterior wears a smooth and subtle silver monochrome polish. 

Safety Features

According to the US. Fire Administration, there are up to 1,900 fatal fires ravaging American homes by the end of 2017 (1). Around 16.7 percent of these incidents are unintentional, mostly because some people are not paying attention to their immediate surroundings. Roughly 7.5 percent of these ill-fated events are caused by an electrical malfunction. 

These are the odds of risking deadly fires in your home for either misusing an electrical device or owning one with subpar safety features. Luckily for this particular coffee maker, it has an automatic shutoff at 5 hours of its longest idle time (more about programming in Brew Time).

Another important safety feature this coffee maker has is the mechanism that allows you to pour a cup in the middle of its brewing process. This ‘anti-drip system’ makes sure that you would not accidentally burn yourself with hot liquid seeping out of the brewer spout if you are in a hurry to take a sip.

Accessories Included

A single product item includes more than just the coffee maker and its carafe. It also comes with a gold-tone permanent coffee filter that fits well into its cone-shaped filter basket. Take note: your specific replacement coffee filter is classified under the No. 4 cone style. This unit also comes with a coffee measuring scoop. 

While this model already has the complete set of accessories commonplace in other brands, it has one remarkable component. The charcoal water filter makes a fine addition that gives this machine the scientific edge against other competitors (more about water composition in Brew Quality).   

Brew Time

This machine boasts of its brew time, but a keener assessment and comparison with other brands will tell you that its duration alone may fall short solely in terms of quickness. The average brew time of the Braun KF7170SI is roughly anywhere between 4 to 8 minutes. It would not hold a candle against the 3-minute record of the Ninja Velocity or Speed models. Nevertheless, speed only matters as much as the quality of the coffee itself.

While this coffee maker does not have an impressive brew time, you will be pleased to know that it has a 24-hour program. Yes, indeed! This allows you to synchronize the end of the thorough 8-minute brewing process exactly at the time you want it. No more waiting time if you fancy waking up in the morning with a steaming hot coffee already prepped for you. 

Brew Quality

If you have to judge this coffee maker for its brew quality, then you know that you are buying the right machine. For one thing, you can choose between regular or bold strength – options not usually common in many models. Taste is relative to personal preference but if the Cup of Joe brewing from this device is to your liking, you will love the fact that you will not have to worry about the flavor dissipating in time. Its carafe has an airtight lid that seals in the ‘coffee spirit.’

While many could attest to the brew quality of the Braun Brewsense KF7170, it is important to take note that this machine does not have the official SCAA certification (2). Connoisseurs who prove to be a stickler for such a standard may think twice about this coffee maker.

The charcoal water feature is a unique addition that ensures a high-quality source from the reservoir. This significantly reduces the hot water’s mineral concentration, ensuring more viable chemistry that improves the taste of the brew.

Ease of Use

Anyone who is used to operating coffee makers would find the Braun Brewsense 12 Cup Drip coffee maker to be fairly manageable. Nonetheless, beginners would require considerable practice, but nothing that its extensive manual could not provide (3).

While the control panel has 10 buttons, they are neatly arranged right under the LED monitor. Setting the time also has a relatively steep learning curve, especially for the absolute beginners. Luckily, this machine only has one button for brewing.     


It is safe to say that the carafe can be washed in the dishwasher. Most parts are also BPA-free, making them safe for storing consumable liquids for long-term use. It takes up to 45 minutes for the entire cleaning cycle to be concluded (this includes the rinsing). 

The Braun Brewsense KF7170 manual features eight consecutive steps that also require proper handling of the charcoal water filter. Each step gets easier with patience and practice.  

Brand & Customer Service

Established in 1921, this company was once known as Braun AG and was a well-known machine parts and electronic components manufacturer. It went through a complete management overhaul after World War II. From 1957 to 1964, it has earned eight international awards. Such is the measure of their pursuit of excellence.

Nonetheless, even a company that spends a great deal of time, energy and resources creating the best product also strives to excel in the customer service area. If you do have concerns about the merchandise you have purchased, you may contact the representative directly at 1 (888) 977-3578. The line is open from Monday to Friday at 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. 

With its generous 3-year warranty period (4), you will not have to deal with time constraints when it comes to replacing the item for its defects or missing parts.   

Value for Money

The Braun KF7170SI Brewsense is available in a number of online retails stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and/or directly from its main manufacturer website Braunhousehold. Some shrewd buyers who place a huge stock on the length of the service contract will probably consider this model to be a gold-standard investment. 

Granted, there are those who would out-bid this coffee maker in terms of retail price alone. The overall cost might arguably be a fair bargain considering the absence of superior traits (less than 3-minutes brew time and the SCAA certificate).    


The Good Housekeeping Institute (5) is one of the few sources of diligent Braun coffee maker reviews you may find that offer something closer to an objective investigation there is. As such, one of the glaring flaws surfaced after conducting its own quality testing. 

After brewing up to 441 cups, it has been discovered that this model was unable to brew at an optimal temperature. Naturally, its water tank is also difficult to access given that it requires space for the complex charcoal filtration device.  

Who Should Buy this Coffee Maker? 

This model is ideal for anyone who appreciates both superior aesthetics and functionality, thanks largely in part of its sleek LCD monitor and the neatly assembled buttons lined below it. Since it does not have the fastest brewing time around, anyone who is patient and fastidious with their daily organization will find this machine’s 24-hour programming highly suitable.  

Conservative estimates put the Braun Brewsense 12 Cup Drip coffee maker somewhere around the middle range price tier. It is important to take note that the main manufacturers would not throw in useful additions like a descaler function given the unit’s price.

Final Verdict

This product earns a total of 4.2/5 rating.

As far as the popular Braun coffee maker reviews are concerned, this model is a fine example of taking product quality to a whole new level. While there might be a huge room for improvement in terms of technological performance, the overall aesthetic and mechanical design ensures that you are going to have a perfect Cup of Joe (or a dozen of it) exactly when you want it. 

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Braun Brewsense KF7170SI Drip Coffee Maker Specifications
Brand Braun
Model KF7170SI
Material Stainless Steel
Brew Type Bold and Regular
Cup Capacity 12 Cups
Warranty 3 Years
Price $

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