Pour Overs vs. Drip Coffee: Which Brewing Method Is Best For …

Brewed Coffee AnimatesThere are plenty of ways where you can brew barista-level coffee in the comfort of your own home. Yes, you can enjoy your daily cup of quality coffee without having to spend money at the local coffee shop. 

There is an ongoing debate between pour over coffee vs drip coffee in the coffee community because, among the multitude brewing options available, these two are the most popular. They are commonly used by coffee drinkers because they make a quick caffeine fix and produce a rich and flavorful cup of Joe.

Where do pour over and drip coffee differ? We are going to find out and finally settle the Pour Overs vs. Drip Coffee debate.

What is the drip coffee method?

Brew MachineThe electric drip coffee maker is present in many American households today because it is easy to set-up and use. You can purchase programmable drip coffee makers that allow you to schedule your machine to brew coffee 24 hours in advance.

There are plenty of brands and units to choose from that offer different features, such as timers and built-in grinders. The coffee machine takes care of the entire brewing process, and all you need to do is pour the water into the reservoir, put the coffee grounds, and press the ON button.

Drip coffee screens the grounds, which prevents fatty acids from the beans to mix with your coffee.


  • Drinking the allowable amount (1) of coffee a day will not negatively impact your LDL cholesterol levels
  • It has more caffeine than espresso, giving you a stronger caffeine kick to get you started
  • Drip coffee allows you to mix any coffee beans to achieve your preferred taste
  • You can brew at a slower process and lower temperature to instill a variety of flavors and scent into the cup


If you cannot commit to thoroughly cleaning your coffee maker, you could end up having gastroenteritis (2) or other diseases. The bacteria can easily grow in hard-to-reach areas of the appliance and it holds molds as well.

You are unable to personalize the coffee’s brewing process. While it is true that the unit may have customizable settings, it still follows a pre-programmed brewing process.

The moment the machine begins to brew, you cannot make alterations on your coffee, limiting the potential of your cup.

What is a pour over method?

Classic Brewed coffeeThe pour over is the simplest coffee brewing method as you only need to pour water over the coffee grounds. This quick and easy process extracts both coffee flavors and aroma for your morning cup of Joe.

There is no need to invest in high-tech brewing machines, as you will only need a filter and a pour over dripper. This earns points in the pour over coffee vs drip battle in terms of less energy consumption.

Here is a short rundown on how to make making pour over coffee:

  1. Add an adequate amount of hot water to wet the coffee grounds.
  2. Allow the coffee to bubble out for thirty seconds.
  3. Stop brewing as soon as the hot water dissolved the coffee grounds.
  4. Carefully diffuse, the dissolved substance should be separated from the grounds.

Make sure to filter it properly and do not extract over 20% of the coffee mass to get the best results. Going over the recommended percentage makes the coffee sour and bitter.


  • You have full control of the brewing process. You call the shots how much water is poured and when to stop.

  • Enables you to find your preferred water and ground ratio for a personalized coffee drinking experience
  • You can have richer and bolder coffee savors. Pour faster for a lighter flavor and pour slower for a bolder taste.


If you are running short on time and you would like to have a drink in between breaks, then this method may not fit your schedule. Drip coffee is more suitable if you are after a quick cup of coffee to get your much-needed caffeine kick right away.

What’s the difference between pour over and drip coffee?

two coffeeWhile the result of both methods gives you a quality cup of coffee, they have their distinctions. It is important to recognize these key differences before deciding between drip coffee or pour over.


Coffee PhotographyIs pour over better than drip in terms of flavor? Yes, because the brewing process takes a few more minutes longer than drip coffee, making the flavors more vibrant. Water is given more time to pull the coffee ground’s flavors and oils, resulting in a richer cup of Joe.  Although the drip method still gives you strong and bold coffee, it is nowhere near pour over coffee.


BrewerThe pour over coffee method gives you complete control of the entire brewing process, starting from ground saturation to water flow. It is important to finish the process properly, so you do not end up with under-extracted or over-extracted coffee grounds.

Cold Brewing

Iced CoffeeWhy is pour over coffee better in cold brewing? A drip coffee machine cannot produce cold beverages. While you can wait for the drip coffee to cool over time, it is not advisable. The flavor changes and will start to turn sour in a few hours.

Cold-brew lovers can create a cup of cold brew through the pour over method easily. This is because you don’t necessarily have to heat the water to filter it through using the pour-over method. You can immerse the grounds in cold water, cool it for several hours, and slowly pour it through a pour over glass.


Pour over coffee wins if you are after personalization, taste, and versatility. However, if you are looking for equipment that can brew you a cup of coffee in just a few minutes without doing any work, a drip coffee suits you best. Ultimately, it highly depends on your lifestyle and preferred brew.

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