Hi there, welcome to Beanie Coffee.

I’m James, a self-professed coffee enthusiast in pursuit of finding the perfect daily brew and likes to live by the motto ‘Just brew it”.

It all started when I was younger, I grew up with my parents drinking coffee every morning. Back then it was the staple morning breakfast for basically everyone older than me.

Unfortunately this was also before people got creative with coffee, and a coffee back in those days was just percolated coffee (basically coffee and hot water) as you see in the movies at the American Diners.

It wasn’t until my first job in a cafe that I was exposed to the different blends, ways of roasting, and ways of serving coffee, that I truly understood that there’s more to coffee than what I thought. From there on, the interest in the world of coffee grew.

One thing I’ve picked up from working in cafes for many years is how coffee has a way of bringing people together – whether its a friendly overdue catch-up, work meeting/interview or even a first date! That’s why I’ve decided to start this website as a place to share my experiences, advice and learnings with like-minded coffee lovers

I hope you find my website useful when thinking about your next cup of coffee.